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Welcome to the Gulf Foods UK

Gulf Foods UK is a food trading and manufacture company. We procure supplies of raw and processed products from around the world and supply major UK and EU retail and manufacturing companies.


Our Products


Welcome to the Gulf Foods UK With a portfolio of different seafood products, we are one of the suppliers in the UK and EU that holds a good range of frozen seafood products. Delivering the highest possible quality is an existential right for us, therefore we always endeavour to maintain high standards to provide the best quality products to our clients.

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Our chicken range has seen continued growth both for manufacturing and retail sale. We supply a wide range of products including whole fillets, 3-joint wings, 2-joint wings, middle wings, Chicken paw and chicken feet.

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We source a variety of frozen, chilled and cooked beef from different countries around the world. In order to source the highest quality material and remaining competitive in the market, we carefully chose our partners.

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What we do ...

about us
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  • shrimp farms

    Our shrimp will be delivered within hours of harvesting to pross so you can get that fresh tasting shrimp you crave year ‘round.

  • process line

    Based on our strict policy of quality control and principles of environmental preservation, we have achieved high standards that guarantee a top-quality shrimp, ensuring long-term sustainability.

  • Transportation

    We aim to deliver the best service for you, so we make the delivery the most convinient part for you.

What do we do?
In Gulf Food UK

1. Supplying your demands

We try to supply you the highest quality products and we always ensure that the products are ethically produced and they also meet the hygienic requirements.
Requirements :
1 - Supplying your demanded products
2 - Ensuring the thically harvesting and production process
3 - Meeting the hygienic requirements

2. Preparing for

We ensure that all initial stages prior to the loading will be carefully done by our professional colleagues.
Requirements :
1 - Inspecting the products
2 - Arranging all needed documents
3 - Planning loading schedule

3. Loading the

We will load the cargo as per scheduled initially and we will ensure that the products are all at the same quality by sending our inspectors for loading
Requirements :
1 - Arranging shipping
2 - Presenting at time of loading
3 - Taking photos of loading and products


4. Preparing loading

We will arrange for required documents to get issued as soon as possible.
Requirements :
1 - Issuing BL Draft (Bill of Ladding)
2 - Certficate of origin
3 - Health Certificate

Client Testimonials

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  • hell gulffoods manager